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James V. Aukerman and Associates, LLC merged with the Law Firm of Orson and Brusini, LTD on January 1, 2019. The Aukerman office in Wakefield will remain as the firm's South County location.

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James V. Aukerman & Associates is a law firm focused on helping clients preserve, manage and transfer their wealth. The firm's legal services include estate planning, elder law, real estate transactions including land conservation, as well as creating and maintaining small businesses.

The firm's financial services include comprehensive financial planning, portfolio management, account and tax return preparation.

Its trust and estate services include estate settlements, guardianships, probate and establishing, administering and distributing trusts.

The firm's real estate services include helping clients with purchasing, selling, refinancing, subdividing, zoning, developing and preserving land, residential and commercial property.

Clients include families, individuals, small businesses, land trusts, associations and non-profit organizations. It provides referrals or will serve as co-counsel on matters involving litigations, such as personal injury claims and the like.

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